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Hello and welcome. I am Rob de Koter, a professional Photographer and a Web Designer/Developer.

This website is to give you an insight of my photography and  photo journalism I produced during my assignments for the barging, salvage and river-cruise industry: photo's of my travels and studio photography of objects of art such as paintings in addition 3-D works and sculptures plus product photography.

In 1986 I graduated from the Dutch “Fotovakschool,” College of Photography in Holland, with a Masters in Photography and Photo Journalism. At that time I established my first company, “Rob de Koter Nautische Fotografie” -" Rob de Koter Nautical Photography"  My work centered on Barging, River-Cruises and Salvage. Germany was an important location mostly along the Rhine and its tributaries, expanding throughout Europe and Canada. Major clients were River Cruise firms, for instance Vantage Travels and Grand Circle Travels, both based in Boston plus many smaller, independent barge owners and several salvage companies.

My work gained added recognition, being published in professional magazines relating to the barging world and its organizations. I also published two books about barging. Dutch titles are Binnenvaart in Beeld in 1996 and in 1999 Wat Vaart Waar.

Since barging and river cruises were not my sole ambition I started a new course. I acquired a digital photo studio, honing my skills in the photographing of paintings, and three-dimensional objects. This incases preparing for pre-press of the web and the ability to print giclees. Thus changing my firms's name to “Rob de Koter Photography." You can view  samples under "Galleries"

After moving to the USA I was inspired by the nature around me, firstly in Florida and now in Delmarva. I ventured onto wildlife and macro photography, which you can view on this website under "Galleries".

The menu "Photography," will give you an idea of my work, both current and former.

If you hav any questions related to my work, don’t hesitate to contact me.

For Web design visit my design website: Syzygy Design

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