Testing my new Microsoft Lumia 640XL part 2

Last time I wrote: "My new smart phone, a Microsft Lumia 640XL has a 13Mp camera with Zeiss optics. My concern was: Is the camera with the Zeiss lens better then the usual Smart phone camera? So it was time to put the camera through the test. I think it is better, actually the camera is remarkably good."

Thereafter I tested the camera in bright daylight at the beach.

On the left you see a photo of "A Walk Through Bethlehem" Lynnhaven Baptist Church in Pocomoke, Maryland. You are escorted through a realistic depiction of the town of Bethlehem at the time of the birth of Jesus. The stage settings are lighted up with a few subdued light bulbs, in other words it is dark, in photographic terms very dark. View the amazing results. Photography here seems on the edge of what is possible.

I have 7 images for you, and again judge for yourself and wonder if your iPhone or Samsung can do this. My Samsung certainly could not.

Most photo's where taken at 1250 ISO, f2.0 and a shutter time of 1/10 to1/20 second and  never use a zoom on a smartphone camera.